Your Guide to the Perfect At-Home Pedicure

A pedicure is the most relaxing treatment after a hard day of work or after a long session of running around after your kids. But if you have to leave the house to get a pedicure at the salon, it can become a chore. In this guide, we look at how you can get a salon-like pedicure at home.

You don’t even need to soak your feet in water to begin. Simply start with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi to buff away and remove hard skin. Using the Foot File leaves you with softer, more pliable skin on your feet. Use the file gently on hard skin, not for more than three to four seconds across the same area of skin.

After you have removed the hard skin, you can trim and file your nails using the Scholl trimmer. This shapes your nails and prevent them from chipping – plus, they look great too!

Next, you must moisturise. Use the Scholl Foot & Nail Cream to keep the skin nourished and soft for long. The cream is fortified with natural hydrating ingredients that leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised. Wash and clean the feet daily before applying the cream. Massage it gently till it is fully absorbed.

Now it is time to polish your nails. Make use of a good electronic nail filer to impart a natural shine to your nails. Repeat the process till you get the kind of nails you’ve always wanted.

Finish off by adding a dash of your favourite nail colour, sweeping the paint brush down the base of the nail to the tip, starting from the centre of the nail. Then move on to the sides of the nails. Once this is done, your feet are left feeling fresh and fabulous. Plus, you get the confidence to show off your feet to the world, whenever you want.

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