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Smoothing the way to elite feet with Express Pedi!

Women from all walks of life are joining the Feet Elite – and in one easy step, so can you. Simply treat your feet to this year’s beauty must-have, the NEW Express Pedi by Scholl. This electrical hard skin remover puts professionally pedicured feet at your fingertips. No faff, no salon prices – just silky soft feet, beautifully fast.

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The Feet Elite love chic shoes and trendy toenails

Joining the Feet Elite means making your feet as stylish as you. That’s why we’ll be bringing you exclusive features on nail art, fashionable footwear and more. Stay tuned.

‘Just like a professional pedicure’ – ‘gentle, ‘instant spa feet’– rave reviews roll in.

We’ve put the Express Pedi through its paces in independent product testing. Time and again, women praised how swift, painless and effortless it made hard skin removal. In fact, 93% of the women loved the Express Pedi so much they would recommend it to a friend. And as the cherry on top, it’s had the official approval from Cosmopolitan readers too.


Elite care to leave you heel-to-toe fabulous.

You can also preen and pamper your feet with our Cracked Heel Cream and Instant Recovery Cream. These luxurious foot treatments will leave your feet soft, glowing and primed for your favourite pair of peep-toes.


Watch the beauty sensation in action. From our Express Pedi video tutorials to our ultra-glam TV ad, our videos prove that elite feet really steal the show. Put your feet up, press play and be inspired.

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What the fashionistas, beauty lovers and product testers tell us. We’re pretty sure the Express Pedi is a home pedicure must-have, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Not when we’ve sent it to a whole host of independent product testers.


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Want professional pedicure results at your fingertips? Here’s where you can get your hands on the Express Pedi by Scholl and Express Pedi Replacement Rollers.