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We’re pretty sure the Express Pedi is a home pedicure must-have, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Not when we’ve sent it to a whole host of independent product testers. The response was overwhelming, with 98% of women who tried our electrical hard skin remover saying it produced visible results and 93% saying they would definitely recommend it to a friend. You can see more reviews on Amazon and Boots, but here’s a taste of what they had to say...

Instant results. Keep on top of it with the express pedi and you've got perfect, normal feet every time. No more worrying about a sudden date or wedding etc. and getting your heels out. It's a one-stop wonder!

Irena Marshall, 36 from Kingsteignton, Devon

“It is amazing. First time I used it I thought about how much money I'd save by using it instead of having regular pedicures. Quick, easy to use. Just brilliant.”

Lydia, 20 from London

“It was easy to use, fast and provided excellent results quickly. I noticed a difference in my feet after the first use and would use it on a regular basis in the future!”

Katherine Andrews, 19 from New York

“It is amazing! I love this product! It removes hard skin gently but effectively. It leaves the skin soft and smooth. Also it produces visible results after 1 use. I will recommend it to all my friends and family.”

Edina Weiczl, 24 from London

“Very gentle so doesn't irritate my skin which I find with some other products.”

Elizabeth Acker, 19 from Bangor

“It was very easy to use, and removed hard skin effectively. I really liked fitting it into my beauty regime, I used an exfoliator afterwards, and then foot scrub and moisturiser with pedi socks. My feet feel the best they have for ages.”

Debbie Meredith, 35 from Birmingham

“I'll definitely be using it to get my feet ready for summer!”

Elaine Flockhart, 30 from Herne Bay

Exfoliate & Moisturise

A professional home pedicure is now at your fingertips in 2 easy steps: First buff your way to beautiful feet with our effortless electrical hard skin remover, the NEW Express Pedi, then moisturise with our Instant Recovery Cream - specially formulated to deeply hydrate the skin on your feet.

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