Step By Step


Use your feet, enjoy the scenery, keep in shape and spend time with friends – it's time to go for a walk! Are you ready? 

Walking is part of a healthy lifestyle and one of the easiest ways of staying in shape.

Where to go?

On the beach: walking on sand is great exercise and
strengthens feet and calves.

In the mountains: lose excess weight and enhance your 
general health.

At the park: hugely relaxing, especially if you live in the city.

What to wear

The best socks are made from breathable materials. Pick socks without seams, or with flat seams to avoid blisters.

The right shoes

It's important to choose shoes based on the type of terrain, so the soles can absorb shock and provide appropriate support to your feet and ankles. In addition, the shoes need to be flexible with stable and comfortable heels.

Don't forget your music

Choose your favourite soundtrack to walk to and fill you with energy.

Use a pedometer

It can be useful to count your steps and keep track of your performance.

Mind your posture

Hold your head up high and don't lean forwards.

Massage your feet

Make circular motions with your thumb and fingers over the ball of your foot, pressing more on the heel and on the sole. Start from the top and work your way down, and don't forget the sides.

Refresh your feet

Scholl Fresh Step Foot Spray has an instant deodorising effect, keeping feet dry and minimising odour all day long.