How can I always have smooth feet?

For polished and smooth feet try using an exfoliating cream to eliminate dead cells and stimulate cellular renewal. If you want to remove leathery skin, choose a cream with salicylic acid.

You can also try using a file after your footbath to remove hard skin. But don't rub too hard or you might irritate the new skin underneath.

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What causes hard skin?

Thick hard skin forms on your feet from the continued pressure of walking and rubbing against your shoes – it can be bothersome and unsightly. To remove it, use our new Express Pedi – its advanced micro-rollers leave your feet feeling wonderfully soft.

Scholl Express Pedi

How can I stop dry skin?

Thick hard skin will keep coming back unless the underlying cause of the pressure or friction on the feet is found and treated. Following a regular foot care regime, using products to moisturise and care for the feet can help keep skin soft and supple.

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